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Our team members have proven track records in Nunavut and also internationally, in various emerging sectors. Our successful assignments range from business assessment to business development, planning and implementation, which include; assessment of business potential, evaluation of financing needs, negotiation with funding organizations, marketing strategies and risk management.


Not only do staff members have an extensive and diversified professional background, but we have been working as a team for many years now. 

Yves-André Bureau
Jean Schiettekatte
Renewable Energy (Associate)
Jean-Simon Vachon Bureau
Director of Finances

Philippe Girouard

Director of consulting services

Industrial Engineer

Marie-Chantale Delaney
Administrative Assistant


YAB Management partners with professionals in all required fields to accomplish specific projects of all sizes at the local and national level. The internal and external YAB Management team possess all required knowledge and experience in their respective domains as well as the resources necessary to accomplish a wide span of endeavours.

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