Our expertise

Human Resources Management, Policies and Training Development

  • HR Development and Support
  • HR Interim Management Services
  • HR Recruitment Services
  • HR Policies and Procedures Development
  • HR Management Plan and Implementation Support
    • Staffing, Job Description, Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, and Performance Evaluation
    • Cultural and Work Environment Development Plan
    • Health and Safety Policies
    • Work Relationship Management, Negotiation, and Resolution of Grievances
    • Disciplinary Management Policies
    • Turnover and Absenteeism Strategy
  • HR Coaching, and Training Plan Development and Implementation
    • Content Design and Service Delivery
    • Development of On-site Training Resources (for taking ownership of the training support process locally)
    • Corporate Development and Financing Research to Support Training Programs
    • Coaching and Follow-up on Trainees’ Commitment
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