Our team

Philippe Chevalier, M.Sc.
Vice President, Training & Aboriginal Capacity Building

Philippe Chevalier has extensive experience in the design and management of Training and Orientation (e-learning and traditional) as well as in the development of management skills at executive levels by training and individual coaching sessions linked to operational priorities, performance evaluation, and career goals. He has demonstrated tremendous skills in using a competency-driven approach and rigorous management of employees’ training by combining the effects of the training with follow-up. Over the last few years, Mr. Chevalier has had tremendous success with training/coaching programs in communities across Nunavut.

Professional Expertise

  • Human Resources Management, Policies and Training Development
    • HR Coaching and Training Plan Development and Implementation
    • HR Development and Support
    • HR Interim Management Services
    • HR Recruitment Services
    • HR Procedures Development
    • HR Management Plan and Support
  • Corporation Set-up and Board Support
    • Strategy Recommendations and Workshop Development
    • Board Secretary Services and Special Board Meetings
    • Board Consulting and Support
  • Business Development and Operations Support
    • Community Consultations and Workshops
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business and Action Plans
  • Research and Strategic Studies
    • Socio-economic Studies

Academic Background

  • Master’s Degree in Science of Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences

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