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Northern Presence

Our company has been providing professional services in the Canadian North since 2002, giving us a valuable understanding of the Inuit and First Nation culture, and Northern challenges. YAB Management is mainly active in the Nunavut’s Qikiqtani and Kivalliq regions, in Nunavik (Quebec) and with the First Nation communities of Quebec.


Source: Statistics Canada


A Brief Introduction to Nunavut

Officially founded as a Territory in 1999, Nunavut is both the newest and the largest territory of Canada in accordance with the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. It is comprised of both lands and waters in Northern Canada. Nunavut shares land borders with Manitoba and North West Territories on its southwest side, while it is surrounded by water on the other three sides.

Nunavut is rich in natural resources, such as natural gas, iron, nickel, and diamonds. The large portion of undeveloped land has been attracting a lot of public and private companies over the last years. Besides, the breathtaking landscape and fauna species are attracting more and more tourists coming from all over the world to visit Nunavut.


Source: Government of Nunavut, department of economic development and transportation


Nunavut is divided into three regions; Qikiqtani, Kivalliq and Kitikmeot. The interests of each region are represented, in a fair and democratic way, by regional Inuit associations.


Source: Library and Archives Canada



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